Letterbox Friendly Gift Sets - The Beginning

Tediously trawling through websites trying to find a suitable gift for family and friends had become an all too regular occurrence. When sending a gift to someone, you want that gift to be exciting, interesting and something you know they’ll love. Eventually, you always find something, but often it’s not quite what you wanted or you’re so fed up of looking that you end up paying significantly more than you intended to. Then comes the news… they didn’t receive it but a ‘sorry we missed you’ note sits annoyingly in its place. The last thing anyone intends is for their relative or friend to have to go out and collect the parcel after a long day at work, or to just generally be inconvenienced. A kind gesture of giving someone a gift has somehow transformed into an unexpected errand. That was never anyone’s intention and surely spoils what should be an enjoyable experience.                     

A selection of a few thoughtful gifts beautifully wrapped together seemed a lovely idea to send someone as a present. Yet this was strangely difficult to come across without spending a small fortune or having to navigate through complicated websites. Overall, gift buying online, something that’s supposed to make life easier, can be problematic and fraught with unnecessary difficulties. Surely, the experience of buying and receiving a gift should be enjoyable and trouble-free!?                                                                                                                    The Signature Box from Letterbox Gifts

However, as bestselling author Tony Robbins says “Every problem is a gift. Without problems we would not grow”.  It was these real problems with online gift purchasing that inspired the creation of Letterbox Gifts. The concept was simply a unique selection of hand-picked letterbox friendly gift sets.  

As a British business, we wanted to go one step further than simply filling a gap in the market. We wanted to ensure that every gift we offer was made in Britain by independent producers. After all, there are so many fantastic British businesses out there, why would we need to look anywhere else? Futhermore, all the products had to be high quality gifts that came from suppliers with a caring and ethical mentality. It was important that customers could be confident in the products they were buying and where they had come from. Where possible, we wanted products in a Letterbox Gift to be organic and made from sustainably sourced ingredients or materials. The gifts would always be cruelty free and never tested on animals!

                         Ethical & British Independent Businesses        

We trial every product that goes into a Letterbox Gift and only select the very best. (It’s a hard job testing all that chocolate, but someone’s got to do it). Our debut Letterbox Gift, ‘The Signature Box’, was the result of months of talking to producers and swapping and changing gifts until we thought it was perfect. We can’t wait to launch our full range of letterbox friendly gift sets and hope you love them just as much as we do!   

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