Buying British Gifts

Here at Letterbox Gifts we’re passionate about supporting British businesses, that’s why the gifts we offer in our letterbox friendly sets are exactly as it says on the packaging, Made in Britain.

Made in Britain

We are an independent business from Yorkshire, so working with other independent businesses is naturally a key intention for Letterbox Gifts. Independent retailers bring a wealth of quality and specialist products and, on average, buying from an independent retailer redistributes significantly more into the local economy when compared to a corporate chain. Buying British gifts from independent businesses helps to ensure that production is ethical and supports local jobs. Independent retailers give shoppers variety and choice as well as an outlet for local talent. It is this variety, quality and talent that we aim to showcase in our postable gift sets.  

In addition to supporting the local economy, buying British is also hugely eco-friendly. There are enormous environmental costs associated with importing goods. Many of these goods could easily be produced in Britain, or even already are made here. Buying British gifts makes both economic sense and reduces your carbon footprint, by keeping manufacturing at home without the need for global transport operations. 

At Letterbox Gifts we are firm believers in the quality of the British products that go into our letterbox friendly gifts. We handpick stylish, innovative and quality British gifts that not only help to support local businesses but look fantastic in our hand wrapped gift sets. The list of what is made in Britain is truly endless, from soap to chocolate, scarves to socks, and gin to lip balm; we aim to continually bring you the latest of what Great Britain has to offer in our bespoke gift boxes. For whatever occasion, whether it’s a pampering gift set, bridesmaid’s gifts or a surprise birthday present, we will always deliver the very best of British-made products for you to share with your family and friends.

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