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Planning your big day comes with a lengthy to-do list, but one job that shouldn’t be a chore is choosing the bridesmaids who will walk down the aisle with you. Asking someone to be your bridesmaid is the ultimate compliment and gesture of friendship and marks a really special moment for both bride and bridesmaid. So here at Letterbox Gifts we have created our Bridesmaid’s Gift Set, designed to be the perfect way to ask someone special to be a bridesmaid or thank them after all their hard work.

Bridesmaid Bracelet

When creating the gift set we wanted the centrepiece to be a bracelet for your bridesmaid to wear on the day and beyond. We chose the beautiful, handmade Bridesmaid’s Bracelet by Sweethearts & Darlings. This elegant piece with neutral white beads and a subtle gold-plated heart will coordinate with your bridesmaid’s dress whatever the colour and style. Then after the wedding the bracelet will be a lovely reminder of the special day and your friendship.

Rose Mist Letterbox Gifts

Rose is one of our favourite scents here at Letterbox Gifts and as a symbol of love and beauty it also is the perfect choice for our Bridesmaid’s Gift Set. So we have included a bottle of Rose Mist by Natalie Bond. This organic flower water not only smells divine as a natural perfume but can also be used as mist to calm and refresh skin - perfect for your bridesmaid to refresh throughout the big day.

Bridemaids Gift Set

Continuing the rose theme, the Bridesmaid’s Gift Set also includes ‘Petals’ English Rose and Green Tea. This fine blend of delicate green tea and fragrant rose petals is a deliciously sophisticated pick-me-up. We imagine your bridesmaid sipping this while she helps you to get ready on the morning of the big day – but it would perhaps be even more welcome as a reviving drink for the morning after!

Rose Flower Lollipop

Your bridesmaid will undoubtedly be busy at your side during the wedding, so for a refined sugar rush to keep her going we have included a Rose Flower Lollipop by Eat my Flowers. This handmade rose flower lollipop is both pretty and delicious, with a gentle raspberry flavour and edible rose petals. We were conscious to make sure that the lollipop is suitable for vegans too so everyone can enjoy!

Rose Geranium Tealights

We know that there is no better way to relax than with the beautiful scent of candles and so we have included three eight hour Rose Geranium Tealights by the Natural Candle Company. These natural plant wax candles will help your bridesmaid pamper herself in the run up to the big day and wind down afterwards. Packaged in a coordinating rose box, these candles are the indulgent gift your bridesmaid deserves.

Bridesmaids Gift Set

Our Bridesmaid’s Gift Set comes with a customised greetings card of your choice so that you can put down on paper how much she means to you. To finish everything off, the set will be beautifully wrapped in one of our custom made gift boxes - and of course it will fit perfectly through her letterbox.

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