Whether you've hit that mid-week wall our you're trying to wind down after a whirlwind weekend a bath can be the perfect way to practise self-care. Here are some tips for how to set-up for your own long soak in the tub.

Customer photo of spa set in bright bathroom

How to set up a spa session from the comfort of your bathroom:

1) Create the perfect peaceful space - calm, quite and tidy (you can hide the mess in a cupboard, we won't tell)

2) Prep - Is there anything nicer than getting out the bath to a cosy fluffy towel and fresh pjs? Make sure you hang your favourites close by

3) Run the bath - Add your favourite bath essence, oils or salts

4) Set the scene -Enjoy your favourite scents, relaxing music or podcast 

5) Switch off and enjoy! 

6) Keep your calm into the evening, enjoy some screen free time with a good book or a walk. 

Not sure what to add to your bath? One of our most loved treats for a relaxing bath is Nathalie Bond bath salts which feature in our Spa, Pamper, For Him and Gin Night In sets. Our bath salts are a 100% natural mixture of mineral rich salts and essential oils. When added to a running water the salts create a relaxing steam-y spa environment, perfect for cleansing and easing any muscle tension.  

The health benefits of a hot bath: 

A spa session is not only good for your mental wellbeing there are other health benefits too. The heat from a warming bath is great for relieving muscle pain and can also help to reduce blood pressure. The cooling down after a bath helps your body produce melatonin ready for a good night sleep. 

Spa set on a table next to a warm bath

At Letterbox Gifts we really value the gift of rest and relaxation. We've put together a range of gift sets that can help create a calming spa night in experience, perfect for gifting to friends, family and colleagues who are overdue some 'me time'. 

Here are a few of our favourites:

The Spa Set

Our vegan friendly spa set using 100% natural ingredients thoughtfully created and packaged with the environment in mind. This set includes bath essence, a facial steam tin, body butter and a muslin textured organic face cloth. 

Clay Face-Mask Set

Clay Face Mask Set

Small batch clay face masks handmade in the UK. The masks can be mixed with water, oils, honey or natural yoghurt for different benefits and skin types.

The Pamper Set

The Pamper Letterbox Gift

The Letterbox Gift's best seller! This set truly has all the ingredients you need for a pampering night in, candles, chocolate along with a pink clay face mask and Himalayan salts.

The Muscle Relaxation Set



Our muscle relaxation set is perfect when you need you need to get a little more out of your bath. Really ease those muscles with a peppermint body scrub, body oil and muscle stretch exercise band. 

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at our carefully curated pampering gift range

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