Set of three clay face masks 'Relax, Soothe and Awake'

Tips and tricks for enjoying our Letterbox Facial Spa set

Have you been lucky enough to receive our new facial spa box? We're jealous!  This set is made using 100% natural ingredients, handmade in small batches in the UK. Presented in fully recyclable, plastic-free packaging.


Letterbox Facial Spa


Here are a few more tips for making the most of your masks...


Take two teaspoons of the face mask powder and add to a small pot for mixing. Now mix with either one or two teaspoons of water or (you can be imaginative here) use honey, yogurt, soft fruit or add some of our toner to create a thick paste.  Add more powder or liquid till you get the right consistency for you.

Apply evenly to a clean moist face avoiding the eye area and leave to dry for 10—15 minutes. Wash off with warm water and use the gentle Organic face cloth to wipe away any excess. 

Mixing our clay face masks

Not sure what the best combination would be for your skin?

Here are some ideas from happy costumers...

- Add rolled oats or oat flour and water to exfoliate and cleanse

- Try probiotic yoghurt to boost and soothe the skin with good bacteria 

- Honey for breakouts, honey has properties that ease bacteria and acne

- For dry skin try adding a hydrating oil as a mixer, this will help maintain the benefits of the purifying clay and add to moisture levels

- Want a firming freshening effect? Adding 1 egg white to the clay will help to clear pores and plump the skin

The Facial Spa Box contains:

Facial Spa Gift Set

Photo by @styling_my_home

All of the clays included are suitable for mixed skin types and can be adjusted by changing the mixing ingredient to suit. 

'Relax' - Red clay mask made with pink Australian clay, calming Chamomile, Calendula and Elderflower

'Soothe' - Rose petal clay mask with ground oats and almonds for an exfoliating effect

'Awake' - Charcoal detox clay mask made with green Australian clay and powdered turmeric, green tea leaf and marshmallow leaf

Certified Organic Cotton Face Cloth