Muscle Relaxation Gift set with exercise band + muscle rub

R+R with the Muscle Relaxation Letterbox Gift

This Letterbox Gift always sets a personal best as a finish line treat for runners, cyclists and as a thoughtful prize for sports awards ceremonies. Each product in this set has been developed to relax hard working muscles and leave you feeling revitalised, ready to go again! Each Muscle Relaxation Gift includes the following: 
Exercise Band
A stretchable band that helps aid recovery and work isolated muscle areas safely. Exercise bands are used across a wide range of sports from gymnastics to football or cricket. They are an easy to use tool for all abilities and provide an effective way to stretch out after exercise. 
Green exercise band
Post Workout Shower Steamer
Enjoy a shower steamer as a post workout wind-down. Taking a shower or bath post-workout has been shown to enhance recovery, immunity and reduce stress, our menthol and sea salt steamer will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
Muscle Ease Body Scrub
Cleanse and smooth skin with a peppermint + eucalyptus body scrub. Using a scrub is great for clearing pores and brightening skin, apply in a circular motion while in the shower or bath and rinse off well before moisturising. 
Muscle Rub Body Oil
Muscle rub oil is a helpful for releasing any tension after a hard workout and preventing those next day aches. This muscle rub includes spearmint + lavender essential oils and comes in a handy pump bottle, perfect for packing in your kit bag. 
Workout Fuel chocolate
Enjoy a treat as part of your recovery with a vegan friendly smooth and rich dark chocolate. This bar is flavoured with roasted, ground coffee beans, a firm favourite in the Letterbox Gifts office! 
Opening a muscle relaxation gift set
As with all our Letterbox Gift sets the Muscle Relaxation gift  includes a choice of greeting card making it a flexible gift for a range of occasions. Simply select your preferred delivery date, add a card and personalised message and we will take care of hand-wrapping and posting out your gift set. 
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